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Welcome to St. Saviour’s!

I welcome you to the Church of St. Saviour in Riga, set on the banks of the Daugava River near the President’s castle.

The Church of England Congregation of St. Saviour’s Riga is an international, ecumenical English-speaking church belonging to the Anglican Communion. Here you will find people from many Christian traditions, speaking many languages. What ties us together? Our experience of God’s love in Jesus Christ. We worship our Lord in various ways through the Eucharist, the study of the Scriptures, superlative music, services to the elderly and needy, and so on.
I invite you to visit, to worship, to meet people, to take part in serving those in need and perhaps, to become a member.
Let this be your spiritual home away from home.
Whatever your interest or need, you will always find a warm welcome in St. Saviour’s!

Juris Calitis,
February 2012
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