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At right: Issy Sanderson and Juris Cālītis

Sherborne Abbey, our Sister Congregation

St. Saviour's Soup Kitchen serves dozens of people each Saturday:

Tables prepared for 40 people

Always smiling helpers, volunteers Erna, Alīda and Vera

People looking for place at the table

Soup Kitchen Report
presented by Charlotte Sveilis

Each Saturday since April 2001, St. Saviour’s has offered soup, bread and fish to several hundred hungry persons. In current timeframe, that amounts to over 28,000 meals we have served.
Over 95 different people from 22 countries have assisted with set-up, serving, preparation and clean-up in addition to financial contributions.
It first started with a donation of $550 from two young girls from the International School and 100 pounds sterling left over from the renovation of an orphanage by youth of our church and members of the local high school and university.
It has continued to be self-supporting with donations from individuals, organizations and hotels. Additional donations were received from various churches and individuals in Europe, America and Canada.
It would have been impossible to serve so efficiently the large numbers were it not for the assistance of Ivars, Vera, Erna and Alida. The generosity of their time is immensely appreciated.
We continue to value the donations that have been made from many who do not worship with us on Sunday but who are with us in spirit and wish to show love to their brother and sister.

Welcome to St. Saviour’s!
An English-speaking Church of the Anglican Diocese in Europe

I welcome you to the Church of St. Saviour in Riga, set on the banks of the Daugava River near the President’s castle.

The Church of England Congregation of St. Saviour’s Riga is an international, ecumenical English-speaking church belonging to the Anglican Communion. Here you will find people from many Christian traditions, speaking many languages. What ties us together? Our experience of God’s love in Jesus Christ. We worship our Lord in various ways through the Eucharist, the study of the Scriptures, superlative music, services to the elderly and needy, and so on.
I invite you to visit, to worship, to meet people, to take part in serving those in need and perhaps, to become a member.
Let this be your spiritual home away from home.
Whatever your interest or need, you will always find a warm welcome in St. Saviour’s!

Juris Calitis,

We invite you to be a part of this active, caring and worshipping community.
Our address: Anglikanu iela 2, Riga LV-1050

Every Sunday:
1st Sunday of the month
Eucharist at 11:00 a.m.
Family service at 10:00 a.m.
Tuesday: Day Care Centre for Elderly 12:30 p.m.
Wednesday:Free Concerts 1:00 p.m.
Thursday: Day Care Centre for Elderly 12:30 p.m.
Saturday:Soup Kitchen 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.

The congregation is a welcoming and serving community. It has an affordable venue for the numerous superior musicians of Riga, as well a regular Eucharist, Bible study and other opportunities for worship.
Concerts and other cultural activities take place through the year. See announcements in the Concerts section of this website and local media.

Outreach work
The congregation maintains an extensive ministry to the elderly and indigent through the Day Care Centre for Elderly. (for detailed information see the Senioru Klubs and News section of this webpage) and provides hot soup and food to homeless people each Saturday at the Soup Kitchen. "Zvannieku majas" is a shelter for disadvantaged children and others in need.
See homepage at

Your contribution to this work is warmly welcomed!

Additional information:

St. Saviour's Parish:
Account no.: IBAN LV17HABA000140J030656,
“Hansabanka”, Code: HABALV22
, 90001051893, Note: for Church of St. Saviour in Riga.

Day Care Centre for Elderly (Senioru Klubs):
Account no.: IBAN LV58UNLA0002002469507,
A/S “Latvijas Unibanka”, Code: UNLALV2X
, 40008028827;Note: for Senioru Klubs.
Contact - Solvita Sejane, phone: +371 67506604; e-mail: seniors*at*;

Soup Kitchen:
Account no.: IBAN LV83HABA0551001807670,
Hansabanka, Code: HABALV22
, 90001051893; Note: for Soup Kitchen

Zvannieku majas:
Account No.: LV32UBAL1100122973001,
Latvijas Krajbanka, Code: UBALLV2X, for Zvannieku Majas
Contact: Sandra Dzenite, cellphone.: +371 26477091;
Postal address: Vecrogas, p/n Ramuli, Vaives pag. Cesu raj.; homepage:

Contact Information
Church Office hours
Tuesdays (Anglikanu iela 2) 5-7:00 p.m.
Phone/Fax: +371 67222259

For pastoral needs please contact
The Reverend Dr. Juris Calitis
Phones: +371 67211390; +371 67034441; cellphone: +371 26487033
e-pasts: juris*at*

Church Wardens:
Ruta Whittaker
Phone +371 67322145; e-mail: cimdenieki*at*

Peter Mensah
Phone +371 29614476; e-mail: p_mensah*at*

Kristine Adamaite, Phone: +371 29135571

Concert Administration
Solvita Sejane, phone: +371 67506604;
e-mail: musbalt*at*>

The Church and its facilities are available for rent.

"Zvannieki" house in the Cēsis region -
a shelter for mothers and children